Pork Rinds ~ Made fresh right here and sprinkled w/our blend of seasonings    2.95

Fried Pickle Spears ~ (6) Tangy dill spears served w/ your choice of dipping sauce  6.95

Spicy Alligator Bites ~ Served with your choice of dipping sauce     9.75

Cowboy Corn ~ Rich corn wrapped up in a savory cream cheese then deep fried   7.95

Fried Oysters ~ Plump oysters tumble-dusted in a rich seasoned flour then fried  8.95



Served on Leidenheimer French pistolet roll with shredded lettuce, tomato, 

pickles, and our  tangy Remoulade


Brisket Po’Boy ~ Smoked to perfection    9.95

Pulled Pork Po’Boy ~ Smoked to perfection    9.95

Sausage Po’Boy ~ Tangy and flavorful grilled sausage    10.95

Shrimp Po’Boy ~ You decide how-blackened, fried or grilled     12.95

Oyster Po’Boy ~ Fried oysters    12.95

Catfish Po’Boy ~ You decide how-blackened, fried or grilled     12.95

Debris Po’Boy ~ Delicious cuts of slow cooked roast beef     12.95




1-Meat Plate ~ Choose your Meat and two sides 11.95

2-Meat Plate ~ Choose two Meats and two sides     16.95

Pig Wings ~ Yes, pigs really do fly!  (4) Pork shanks on the bone    13.95

Patty Melt ~ Served with grilled onions on Texas Toast 6.95

Cowboy Tacos ~ (3) Corn tortillas loaded with either smoked Brisket or Pork, topped w/lettuce, tomato, onion,  cheddar and our own house Salsa     7.95

Frito Pie ~ An all-time favorite! Generous bed of  Fritos topped with our Cowboy Chili, lettuce, tomato,  onions and topped w/cheddar     7.25

Poo-Yie Fries (aka Poutine) ~ A generous portion of hand-cut fries topped, Wisconsin cheese curds & rich brown house-made gravy    8.95     Add-on ~ Debris, Brisket or Pulled Pork   10.95

Ginormous Chicken Wings ~ Everything’s bigger in Texas and so are these Wings  (3) 8.25 (6) 15.95

Boneless Chicken Wings ~ Flavorful and breaded then fried   (6) 7.95  (12) 11.95

       Dipping Sauces: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo, Mango Habanero Glaze, Plum Chipotle

Andouille Sausage Dog~Sausage link w/mustard, dill relish, onions on Pistolette    7.95

Dirty Andouille Dog ~ Yupp, we’re back with the Chili    8.95


~  SIDES ~

Hand-cut Fries   2.45

Sweet Potato Fries    2.45

Fried Okra     2.45

Signature Coleslaw   2.45

Creole Potato Salad   2.55

Cowboy Beans   2.75

Collard Greens  2.95

Fried Cabbage 2.50

Zapp’s Spicy Chips  2.00

Side Green Salad  3.95




Texas Baked ~ Humongous potato topped w/butter, sour cream, cheddar and chives     7.95

Texas Loaded ~ You’re adding either smoked Brisket or Pork     10.95




Hamburger  ~ Good ‘ole fashioned burger, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo & mustard    8.95

Cheeseburger ~ We’re adding cheese to this one  (Pepper Jack, Swiss or American)     9.95

Bacon Cheeseburger ~  Everything’s better with 2 strips of bacon     10.95

Black & Bleu Burger ~ Topped with crumbles of rich Bleu Cheese      11.95

Beef Hot Dog ~ Traditional style grilled dog topped w/ mustard, dill relish & onions   5.95

Dirty Dog ~ Traditional dog but we’re adding Chili to this one     6.95



Served with hush puppies & our Signature coleslaw 

Frog Legs ~ (5) These BIG boys are battered & fried to perfection   21.95

Catfish ~ 9 oz Filet Grilled, blackened or fried     14.95 

Shrimp ~ (8) Grilled, blackened or fried       14.95

Fried Bayou Platter ~ We pulled out all the stops:  9 oz Catfish filet, Oysters, Shrimp, Spicy Alligator bites, Frog legs, Hush puppies and hand-cut fries    25.95


~  SOUPS  ~ 

By the Cup or by the Bowl and served with homemade cornbread muffin

Gumbo ~ Made w/Andouille sausage, a house staple served w/Uncle Ben’s white rice   6.75    9.25

Brunswick Stew ~ Tomato-based stew loaded w/pulled Pork, lima beans, corn and flavored w/BBQ sauce broth for rich and hearty flavor      4.95      6.50

Chili ~ House made and fresh. Texans don’t like beans in their chili, but we’re topping this with plenty of chopped onions and shredded cheddar   4.95      6.50

Soup of the Day ~ Ask about today’s soup     4.95     5.95


~  SALADS ~  

Dressings: Ranch, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island, Garlic Parmesan, Italian


Chef Salad ~ Lettuce, tomato, bacon, hard boiled egg, ham, turkey, cucumber & cheddar    9.95

Wedge Salad ~ Petite wedge of Iceberg topped w/ diced onion, bacon chunks and tomato    8.95              Add  Fried Chicken strips     3.00


~  BEVERAGES ~ 1.95

Iced Tea  


Coke, Coke Zero 

Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper 

Root Beer   





Full service cocktail bar offering a variety of beers, wines, mixed drinks